Mayor of Bridgnorth pays us a visit

Saturday was a special day for us here at Bridgnorth Cycle Club as we entertained special visitors, The Mayor and Mayoress of Bridgnorth.

The event was to showcase a number of sports related clubs and businesses in Bridgnorth and was hosted at the recently opened Gym Club. Bridgnorth based Clee Cycles also came along to help BCC celebrate the growth of the cycle club and to promote cycling and fitness in the town.

Bridgnorth Cycle Club has seen a terrific year which began with our Sportive back in February where we had over 120 riders from across the county riding a tough route through the very cold but picturesque Shropshire countryside. There has been a steady stream of new riders joining the club with over 30 this year, from those just starting out in the sport to a group who regular take part in local sportive rides, the highlight of the season being Sunday’s Velo Birmingham.

Our mountain bike section is, as always, out there come rain or shine with regular Tuesday night rides and we were again proud to lend our support to the Midlands Cross Series race at the Dudmaston circuit.

We run regular rides throughout the year starting from Clee Cycles, keep an eye on our Facebook page or check back here for details.



Club rides this Sunday 24 September 

BCC Road Rides Sun 24th Sept 9:00am outside Clee Cycles
The Route:

48miles (21 Velo Stop, 30 Cafe) 2000ft

Rindleford, Badger, Whiston Cross, Burnhill Green, Chesterton, Hopstone, Claverly, Heathton, Halfpenny Green (Stop to Watch the Velo), Upper Aston, Burnhill Green, Albrighton (Coffee Stop), Cosford, Neachley, Ryton, Higford, Stockton then A442 Back.
Only one route this week as I suspect there will not be the numbers to run both an A and B ride.

This Ride will be at the pace of the slowest rider.
If we do get plenty turn out then then I suggest we ride the same route to the Cafe After that Group A could go through Kemberton and then drop down into Coalport and head back via Brosley.

For this I will need a Volunteer leader for the A or B.

Either way everyone is welcome to ride and will be looked after.

Weather at the moment looks okay

17 September rides…….

BCC Road Rides Sunday 17th September
Out west this week (Good climbing for those doing the Velo) with a new cafe to try The Willows in Ditton Priors (They are expecting us).
Group A 49 miles (30 to Cafe) 3,800ft
Tasley, Broseley, Harley, Hughley, Bourton, Brockton, Weston, Ditton Priors, Cleobury North, Aston Botterell, Farlow, Stottesdon, Middleton Scriven.

Group B 40 miles (22 to cafe) 3,100ft Ken Leading
Tasley, Brosley, Wyke, Much Wenlock, Bourton, Brockton, Weston, Ditton Priors, Cleobury North, Aston Botterell, Stottesdon, Middleton Scriven.

Weather Outlook for Friday to Sunday
Blustery showers will return on Friday, some with thunder. Winds will ease over the weekend, and showers will become less frequent. It will feel warmer in increased sunshine by Sunday.

Who’s Out?

Sunday Rides 10 Sept

Three alternatives this week, including a ride to Worcester to see the start of the last stage of the Tour of Britain.

BCC Road rides Sunday 10/09
Again we have three ‘planned’ rides running this week.
Cafe stop this week is Railway Cafe Wombourne
Group A 54 miles 2,600ft
Worfield, Kemberton, Cosford, Boscobel, Pattingham, Wombourne (Cafe), Swindon, Bobbington, Claverly.

Group B 45 miles 2,000ft
Worfield, Ryton, Cosford, Albrighton, Pattingham, Wombourne (Cafe), Bobbington.

Tour of Britain
Riding out to see part of the final stage kindly being lead by David who is finalising route and final destination.

Depending on numbers both A & B rides may not run as I know there are quite a few folks not riding this Sunday and with the 3rd ride it may not leave very many at all! If there are enough people then we need a ride leader for A or B doesn’t matter which as I’ll take the other group. If there aren’t enough people to run both then we will follow the Group B route and the pace will be to the slowest rider this time!


Clubs rides 20 August

Group B ride for Sunday 20th August. Depart Clee Cycles at 9am as normal. A 43 mile ride, out via the A442 to Rindleford, then via Worfield to Bobbington, Kinver, Stourton, Swindon with coffee and cake at the Vineyard after 30 miles at around 11.30’ish. Back via Claverly and the Hobbins. There is a short off-road section – nothing too strenous, a canal towpath, but there is a road variation depending on conditions on the day. Average speed 13-14mph, suitable for anyone wanting a nice, even-paced ride with a few bumps along the way – all welcome. Steve and Jayne leading. 

Group A Sunday 20 Aug – 88k, out through Highley, across river at Upper Arley, through Cookley and Kinver, coffee stop at Halfpenny Green Vineyard, back via Pattingham and Bromley Bank.

Sunday Road Rides 30 July

Bridgnorth Cycling Club. Road Rides. 30th July 2017. Meet Clee Cycles @ 09.00.
We enter the peak holiday season with several regular leaders away in the sun, and two of the girls taking part in the ‘Ride London’ Sportive – Good luck to you both. Six months ago the club were scraping around looking for one ride leader – for just one club run, let alone last weeks four ! A call for someone to lead the ‘A’ ride this weekend bought an almost instant response. Thank you Tony for stepping up.
A quick aside to let you all know this will be my final post on club rides. After 9 uninterrupted and sometimes exhausting months of coordinating, organizing, cajoling, posting and coffee sampling, its time to take a break and hand over to Paul Morris, the clubs Road Secretary. To all who have offered to lead, and to those who have supported the rides. Thank you.
A welcome and popular change of terrain this week, ‘flatlander’ riding.
Group A Meet @ Clee Cycles at 09.00 for a 56 mile ride at between 16 – 17 mph. Bridgnorth – Albrighton – Brewood – Bishops Wood – Great Chartwell – Shifnal. 36 miles, 11.30. Cofffee and Cake, Nans Bar and Coffee shop.. Albrighton -Roman Road – Badger – Bridgnorth 56 miles. Arrive approx 13.30.
All welcome
Group B. Meet @ Clee Cycles at 09.00 By popular demand. Another 44 mile easy paced loop to the north. Bridgnorth – Albrighton – Brewood – Bishops Wood – Shifnal. 11.30, 32 miles. Coffee and Cake. Nans Bar and Coffee shop. Return directly to Bridgnorth via Beckbury. Bridgnorth 44 miles. Arrive around 13.00. 

All welcome, especially suitable for new and returning riders. Note. B Group has provided the starting journey for almost all Group A riders.
All welcome. Especially suitable to new and returning riders.
Pro Bike Races on Eurosport or feeds via

29th July. Classica Cislista San Sebastian.

29 July – 4th August. Tour of Poland.

30th July. Ride London.

7th – 13th August Eneco Tour.

19th August – 10th September. Vuelta a Espagna.

Sunday 24 July Club Rides

Bridgnorth Cycling Club. Sunday, 23rd July, Road Bike Rides. Meet Clee Cycles @ 09.00. All Welcome.
Members of both ‘A’ and ‘B’ Groups are taking part in the 120 kilometer ( 93 mile), and associated rides at the ‘Bostin Newport’ Sportive. Club Coordinator Dave Hughes. Entries closed on Wednesday last.
In view of the high number of BCC riders taking part in the local Sportive, from both ‘A’ and ‘B’ Groups, there will only be one definite scheduled club ride on Sunday. Meet Clee Cycles @ 09.00. Group ‘B’ level ride to cater for all – easy ride at between 13 – 15 mph. Bridgnorth – Worfield – Pattingham – Seisdon – Six Ashes – Arley (30 miles, 11.30). Riverside Tearooms. Coffee and Cake. Lumpy return via Kinlet – Highley – Bridgnorth. 43 miles. Arrive approx. 13.15. 
All welcome, especially new or returning riders.
Note: Potential ‘A’ Ride. Meet at Clee Cycles @ 09.00. If sufficient Group ‘A’ riders turn out, and why not now the club is growing, there is a leader for a faster group, 15 – 17 mph average, on a longer route. Bridgnorth – Pattingham – Seisdon – Kinver – Wyre Forest. Riverside Tearooms, Arley. Cofffee and Cake (34 miles, 11.30). Brook Copice Loop, then try and catch the ‘laughing group’ – Kinlet – Highley. Arrive Bridgnorth, 52 miles at approx 13.30.
All welcome.
Last few days of TdF. An individual TT before the traditional finish in Paris on Sunday. Eurosport and Channel 4 have full coverage or there are the usual links via
This Weeks Club Programme.
Tuesday, 25th July. MTB ride. Meet Clee Cycles @ 18.30.

Wednesday, 26th July. Evening Road Ride. Meet Clee Cycles @ 18.30.

Thursday, 27th July. Morning Road Ride. Holiday’s mean there are no rides for the next two weeks.

This Sunday’s Road Rides

Bridgnorth Cycling Club Road Bike Rides. Sunday 16th July 20017.

After the tough test of last week’s Shropshire Thrills – For all those who found it a demanding challenge, remember it’s the effort that counts more than the result. Rides this week return to a more undemanding normality. Both rides head directly north on gently undulating roads, with both groups meeting for Coffee and Cake at Latta Da, Albrighton on their return journey’s.

Group A. Meet @ Clee Cycles at 09.00 for a 57 mile ride at an average speed of between 15 -17 mph. Shifnal – Great Chartwell – Church Eaton – Brewood – Albrighton. Coffee and Cake @ Latte Da. Albrighton at 11.30, 37 miles. Kingswood – Pattingham – Bobbington – Six Ashes – Quatford – Bridgnorth arrive at approx. 13.30. There is the option for the shorter and more direct return with Group B.

All Welcome. If you are unsure of your ability, it is recommended you start with Group B in the first instance.

Group B. Meet @ Clee Cycles at 09.00 for a 42 mile easy ride at the comfortable speed of the slowest, normally between 12 – 14 mph. Shifnal – Great Chartwell – Wheaton Aston – Bishops Wood – Albrighton. Coffee and Cake @ Latte Da, Albrighton 11.30, 32 miles. 12 mile direct return ride. Bridgnorth 13.00. For a longer 20 mile return ride, there is the option to join Group A.

All welcome. Especially suitable for new riders or those returning after a lay off.


Tour de France live coverage continues on Eurosport and Channel 4 or links via

The weeks BCC bike riding programme in brief. Full details will appear on the BCC open Facebook page.

Tuesday, 18th July: MTB ride from Clee Cycles @ 18.30
Wednesday, 19th July: Evening Road Ride from Clee Cycles @ 18.30
Thursday, 20th July: Morning Road Ride from Clee Cycles 09.00

Shropshire Thrills 9 July 2017

Bridgnorth Cycling Club. Club Road Rides. Sunday, 9th July 2017. Shropshire Thrills. Clee Cycles from 08.00 onwards. Shop Open.

The Bridgnorth CC are running a selection of special Sunday road rides this weekend based upon the 50, 70 & 100 mile routes traditionally part of the Shropshire Hills Sportive organized by Mamil Cycling, but not being run this year.

The event is open to all Bridgnorth CC club members, riders from other clubs, individuals and invited guests – everybody. There will be no entry fee, no dedicated feed stations, no signed routes but still some support on route and sunshine – probably.

Schedule: Registration/Sign In @ Clee Cycles courtesy of Andy from 08.00 onwards. Riders who want an early start can leave from 08.00 onwards, either as individuals or part of a group – see note below.

100 mile hard riders. Registration/Sign In for a 09.00 departure.
50 and 70 mile rides Registration/Sign In for a 09.30 departure. Note. The 50 mile ride will probably have a Coffee/Cake stop of choice so carry some cash and a bike lock.
50 mile soft riders for those who want an easy paced ride. Registration/Sign In for departure just after 08.30.

Routes will not be signed, but are available below on the three Garmin maps. Ensure you are familiar with your selected route if you want to see Mum again ! The routes are generally fairly demanding.

Garmin: 100 mile ride. Shropshire Hills Sportive – 100 mile

Garmin: 70 mile ride. Shropshire Hills Sportive – 70 mile

Garmin: 50 mile ride. Shropshire Hills Sportive – 50 mile

It is expected that all three rides will arrive back at Clee Cycles between 13.30 – 15.00 There will be a Gazebo and a simple BBQ in the car park of Clee Cycles – thank you Andy for your support, from 13.00 onwards. Partners, friends and family are welcome to the BBQ (very small charge to cover costs) or purchase drinks in ‘The George’. If anyone is available to volunteer to help out at the BBQ, can they let either Barry, Debbie, Paul, Andy or Bryan know please.

All welcome. Ensure you are carrying sufficient fluids and food or gels for the distance you intend riding.

Next week back to normality with Group ‘A’ and ‘B’ rides to Albrighton and Latte Da. Courtesy of Jimmy and Graham .

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