Sunday Road Rides 30 July

Bridgnorth Cycling Club. Road Rides. 30th July 2017. Meet Clee Cycles @ 09.00.
We enter the peak holiday season with several regular leaders away in the sun, and two of the girls taking part in the ‘Ride London’ Sportive – Good luck to you both. Six months ago the club were scraping around looking for one ride leader – for just one club run, let alone last weeks four ! A call for someone to lead the ‘A’ ride this weekend bought an almost instant response. Thank you Tony for stepping up.
A quick aside to let you all know this will be my final post on club rides. After 9 uninterrupted and sometimes exhausting months of coordinating, organizing, cajoling, posting and coffee sampling, its time to take a break and hand over to Paul Morris, the clubs Road Secretary. To all who have offered to lead, and to those who have supported the rides. Thank you.
A welcome and popular change of terrain this week, ‘flatlander’ riding.
Group A Meet @ Clee Cycles at 09.00 for a 56 mile ride at between 16 – 17 mph. Bridgnorth – Albrighton – Brewood – Bishops Wood – Great Chartwell – Shifnal. 36 miles, 11.30. Cofffee and Cake, Nans Bar and Coffee shop.. Albrighton -Roman Road – Badger – Bridgnorth 56 miles. Arrive approx 13.30.
All welcome
Group B. Meet @ Clee Cycles at 09.00 By popular demand. Another 44 mile easy paced loop to the north. Bridgnorth – Albrighton – Brewood – Bishops Wood – Shifnal. 11.30, 32 miles. Coffee and Cake. Nans Bar and Coffee shop. Return directly to Bridgnorth via Beckbury. Bridgnorth 44 miles. Arrive around 13.00. 

All welcome, especially suitable for new and returning riders. Note. B Group has provided the starting journey for almost all Group A riders.
All welcome. Especially suitable to new and returning riders.
Pro Bike Races on Eurosport or feeds via

29th July. Classica Cislista San Sebastian.

29 July – 4th August. Tour of Poland.

30th July. Ride London.

7th – 13th August Eneco Tour.

19th August – 10th September. Vuelta a Espagna.


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