Sunday Club Rides 11 June

Group A. Meet Clee Cycles @ 09.00. 54 mile ride at 15 -17 mph. Bridgnorth – Quatt – Woolverley – Cookley – Kinver – Hinksford.                 Coffee and Cake at The Vineyard (34 miles. 11.30). Either return to Bridgnorth via a further 19 miles with Group A at 13.30, or take a more direct  12 mile return route with Group B. (13.00).


All Welcome. Suitable for riders with some group riding experience.

Group B. Meet Clee Cycles @ 09.00. 41 miles at the comfortable speed of the slowest. Usually 13 – 14 mph. Once clear of Bridgnorth, a pleasant hidden lane rich ride to Kinver and beyond.  The ride Includes views of the Malverns, (weather permitting), Cave Houses, and a ride down the long forgotten ‘Spooky Lane’. Coffee and Cake at ‘The Vineyard’ (30 miles. 11.30). Return either with Group B ( 12 miles) to Bridgnorth via Claverley for about 13.00 or an 19 extra miles with Group A. (13.30).


All welcome, especially suitable for new riders and those who simply enjoy a bike ride.


Reminder for new riders: Carry a water bottle for hydration, a pump and a spare inner tube.

Criterium du Dauphine: High Alpine mountain stages 9th – 11th June. Tour de Suisse: Starts 10th June for a week. Both races covered on Eurosport (Suisse, evening highlights) or live feeds via


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