Sunday Club Ride 28 May

Bridgnorth Cycling Club. Sunday 28th May 2017 Bank Holiday Road Bike Rides.

Group riding etiquette. When riding with club groups on the road it should be normal practice to wait at a suitable stopping place when the group splits on climbs, for town sign sprints or for any other reason. Awareness of the Group as a whole is an important skill set in Group riding. There are three important reasons for this. (1) It allows weaker riders to rejoin the group without chasing and gives them time to catch their breath rather than play ‘catch up’ all day. (2) It ensures that the ride does not develop into a free for all, with groups spread all over Shropshire and the surrounding counties. (3) For Group B this is particularly important. The club is trying to grow the membership, and new riders need to be assured that they will be looked after and have an enjoyable experience.

Whilst Group A now has a regular rotating group of leaders, Group B ride is still being led on a weekly basis by Bryan. It would be helpful if the load could be shared just a little. If you feel able to assist occasionally, please have a chat with Bryan.

Bottles recommended for re hydration.

Group A. Meet Clee Cycles @ 09.00 A 60 mile ride at between 14 – 15 mph average. The ride will go north for an undulating 36 mile ride before Coffee and Cake at Latte Da, Albrighton (36 miles, 11.30). A 20 mile return route via the Gorge is on offer for those who would like a more challenging final or take the easier option home with Group B. Return Bridgnorth around 13.00. All Welcome.

Strava route to follow.

Group B. Meet Clee Cycles @ 09.00. A 44 mile undulating ride mainly avoiding steep climbs out to the underpopulated north. At the comfortable speed of the slowest going via. Worfield – Beckbury – Shifnal – Burlington – Bishops Wood – Big Wood – Albrighton, Latte Da (33 miles, 11.30) Coffee and Cake. Bridgnorth, arrive approximately 13.00. All welcome, especially newcomers.

Strava route for Group B:

Weather: Temp. 12 -21 C Cloudy with a 60% chance of a shower in the afternoon. Wind 11 mph out of the ENE.17884060_10158460903345075_34110690852445711_n


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